Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Tips To Prolong the Life of Refrigerator

Proper maintenance is essential to prolong the life of the refrigerator, in the event you know the different ways to take care of your product you can take care it regularly independently. Here below you will find a number of the different ways to take care of the refrigerators.
A) Clean the refrigerator on a regular basis
Refrigerator has to be cleaned on a regular basis with Leybold Vacuum & in the event you neat it one time in a blue moon there's chances of bacteria are to build up quickly. Bacteria & molds can spoil the freshness of any products stored in refrigerator, wipe of stains & spills immediately to keep away from formation of molds. Soap or shampoo liquid along with sponge can be used to wipe off stains.
It is nice to remove all the racks & neat them separately one time a week, dust & dirt gets basically deposited on rack lines. Refrigeration Vacuum can be used to neat all debris in the condenser coils & these coils are usually obtainable at the back of refrigerators.
Drip pan is obtainable at the back of the refrigerator; remove the water & neat it using soap liquid. Check whether the tube connecting the drip pan is free from clog, neat if any debris sticks to its & this will make the water to flow freely. Check for any molds in drip pan & neat them.
(B) Check if there is proper cooling
Regularly check if there is proper cooling inside the fridge, if else refrigerant must be leaking or the level of refrigerant must be low. Top up the right level of refrigerant and also check the tubes for leak. If the tubes are leaky it is lovely to replace them than welding them.
(C) Fix the noise in the fridge
If the fridge is noisy then the level must be balanced & it's to be kept in the stable position. A loud fridge cannot maintain the inside coolness for a long time. If the surface is unstable special fridge stand can be used to keep it in the right level.
(D) Keep off refrigerator smell
Traditional way to get rid of the smell from the refrigerator is to keep charcoal pieces inside the refrigerator. It absorbs the bad odor & keeps the refrigerator smelling fresh for a period of long time.
E) Always fix the right temperature
Right amount of temperature has to be maintained to prevent the growth of bacteria & milk from getting solidified. If there is a alter in temperature then check the condenser coil of the fridge, worn out rubber gasket of the fridge may cause hot air to enter in to the refrigerator & cause loss in temperature.
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