Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Tips To Prolong the Life of Refrigerator

Proper maintenance is essential to prolong the life of the refrigerator, in the event you know the different ways to take care of your product you can take care it regularly independently. Here below you will find a number of the different ways to take care of the refrigerators.
A) Clean the refrigerator on a regular basis
Refrigerator has to be cleaned on a regular basis with Leybold Vacuum & in the event you neat it one time in a blue moon there's chances of bacteria are to build up quickly. Bacteria & molds can spoil the freshness of any products stored in refrigerator, wipe of stains & spills immediately to keep away from formation of molds. Soap or shampoo liquid along with sponge can be used to wipe off stains.
It is nice to remove all the racks & neat them separately one time a week, dust & dirt gets basically deposited on rack lines. Refrigeration Vacuum can be used to neat all debris in the condenser coils & these coils are usually obtainable at the back of refrigerators.
Drip pan is obtainable at the back of the refrigerator; remove the water & neat it using soap liquid. Check whether the tube connecting the drip pan is free from clog, neat if any debris sticks to its & this will make the water to flow freely. Check for any molds in drip pan & neat them.
(B) Check if there is proper cooling
Regularly check if there is proper cooling inside the fridge, if else refrigerant must be leaking or the level of refrigerant must be low. Top up the right level of refrigerant and also check the tubes for leak. If the tubes are leaky it is lovely to replace them than welding them.
(C) Fix the noise in the fridge
If the fridge is noisy then the level must be balanced & it's to be kept in the stable position. A loud fridge cannot maintain the inside coolness for a long time. If the surface is unstable special fridge stand can be used to keep it in the right level.
(D) Keep off refrigerator smell
Traditional way to get rid of the smell from the refrigerator is to keep charcoal pieces inside the refrigerator. It absorbs the bad odor & keeps the refrigerator smelling fresh for a period of long time.
E) Always fix the right temperature
Right amount of temperature has to be maintained to prevent the growth of bacteria & milk from getting solidified. If there is a alter in temperature then check the condenser coil of the fridge, worn out rubber gasket of the fridge may cause hot air to enter in to the refrigerator & cause loss in temperature.
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Sunday, 17 November 2013

Vacuum Pumps & Accessories By Coolvac

With more than 40 years experience in the refrigeration and vacuum industry, Coolvac Pty Ltd delivers knowledgeable refrigeration and vacuum solutions. We’ve got the tools and the know-how to help you keep the vacuum, automotive, heat pump, air conditioning and refrigeration wheels turning. We’ve selected the highest quality products that offer the best value on the market. At Coolvac, we bring together our expertise and experience with a product range that is constantly evolving.

Providing you the best range of Vacuum Pump Laboratory such as Rotary Vane, Refrigeration, Scientific, Research vacuum pumps with effective & timely delivery.

JAVAC CC-45 Vacuum Pump
CC Series
Where price is a major consideration the Economy CC Series fits the bill. Available in a wide range of capacities the Economy vacuum pumps are ideal for low duty applications such as automotive or commercial air conditioning service. These pumps are exclusive to JAVAC and as such are supported by JAVAC Australia wide. The Economy Range are 2 stage oil sealed vacuum pumps, have ultimate vacuums of 25 microns and feature an oil de-mister to reduce oil spillage. All pumps come with a tri-connector suitable for 1/4 SAE, 3/8 SAE and 1/2 ACME. The Economy Vacuum Pump Series supplied by JAVAC are covered by a 12 month warranty.
  • Part No. VCQ45-2
  • Pumping Speed (litre/min) 45;
  • Ultimate Vacuum (micron) 15
  • Available in 45, 81, 141, 231 litres per minute capacity.
Advantages to the user:
  • Lower energy costs through innovative motor technology (efficiency class 1)
  • Minimized space requirements due to an extremely compact design and the possible direct adaptation to backing pumps
  • Easy system integration
  • Optimum price-to-performance ratio; high pumping speed (9800 m3/h @ 70 Hz with optional frequency converter)
  • Integrated water cooling system for installation within closed systems
  • Parts in contact with the cooling water are made of stainless steel (corrosion-free)
  • Trouble-free operation with toxic or corrosive media owing to the hermetically sealed motor and optional purge gas feature
  • No shaft seals towards atmosphere, therefore high reliability, long service intervals and no oil leaks
  • Flexible installation; selectable vertical or horizontal gas flow

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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Refrigeration Vacuum for Cleaning and Care

Refrigerators are a lot like air conditioners they remove heat to provide chilled for our food. That means that refrigerators have the same working parts that your air conditioner has and ought to be taken care of in the same way so they will last as long as feasible.
Proper cleaning of your refrigerator consists of over whipping out the vegetable drawer, although that is important. You ought to tidy up spills & leakage on regular basis & you ought to unplug the refrigerator remove all the food & remove all shelving, drawers, etc.
Get a Refrigeration Vacuum with a wand attachment and stick it in there and vacuum all that dirt, dust, dead critters, all manner of hair human and animal out of there. You may need to pull the refrigerator out and vacuum it from behind as well to make definite you have got all of it out. Your refrigerator will thank you because now it can breathe
Have you ever wondered why although you keep turning your refrigerator temperature down it still does not appear any colder, well, when you reach in to turn the dial are you able to actually see the dial or is your refrigerator so crammed full that you need to feel your way in? As important as it is to keep the outside tidy it is equally important to keep the food properly stored and not over stuffed.
The way you operate your refrigerator is also important. Never run frost-free refrigerators with freezer compartments in unheated areas with air temperature below 60 F. unless specially designed for such conditions. When the air temperature goes below 60 F. the compressor runs less, keeping temperatures in the refrigerator compartment chilled for fresh food but not chilled in the freezer compartment to keep food quality there. At air temperatures below 40 F. the compressor stops jogging, so the freezer compartment rises to air temperature and food thaws and spoils. Also below 32 F. water melted in the coursework of the automatic defrosts cycle may freeze again and block air passages.
For seasonal homes with heat left on at low temperatures, or long winter holidays with heat turned down in home, remove all food, unplug, tidy thoroughly, dry, and leave door slightly open so air can circulate. Be definite no kid can get in to empty refrigerator in your absence and become trapped! In the event you cannot use up all the food, give it away or throw it away; food that spoils in a refrigerator can generate odors that may need discarding the refrigerator!
For short holidays, leave refrigerator on but use up or discard perishable food, and in the event you have ice makers, turn off the mechanism and water line following your manual directions.
Keep in mind treat your refrigerator well and it will treat you well.
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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Various Benefits of LED Display for Businesses Delivers

An LED display can be a wonderful promotion medium for any business. They increase traditional banners, billboards, & other types of signage, making them more beautiful to grab the attention & interest of passersby. Aside from being eye-catching, these electronic displays also provide more flexibility; they permit business owners to make use of them in more different ways than. Because of their high functionality, LED displays have become innovative, clever & revenue-generating investments for giant & small businesses similar.

 Anything that can help your business can be displayed on LED displays. For example, stores can encourage purchases by announcing every hour specials. Outdoor LED signs can also keep customers entertained & informed while waiting in line, or even be used as a less expensive way to display ads for job openings & other important announcements.

Even giant food service chains have discovered the benefits of including an LED display in their stores. With a one-time investment in the installation of the tool, business owners can basically alter their adverts as necessary to promote different deals or to entice customers to try out a new product. This can also provide immense savings in terms of the cost of designing & producing new banners.LED signs are also highly energy-efficient despite their brightness, allowing messages to be visible even from very long distance. Also, since they consume less energy, these digital signs contribute less to overall operating costs.

As a way to further benefit the environment, companies have the choice of using recycled materials for their LED displays. Small devices such as mobile rings are lit with these diodes. As the number of discarded mobile rings can match the number of new models being released at any given time, mobile phone companies & others encourage recycling the parts of these devices. 

Electronic display (ED) boards commonly use LED to pass important messages to people. They can be use for indoor and outdoor purposes. ED boards are commonly used by banks, stock market, foreign exchange centers, hotels, hospitals, airports, bus and train stations, and other major facilities. The electronic display boards used by money changers are almost similar to those used by the stock exchange centers. The LEDs used are usually red in color.

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